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Get the ultimate game management for your billiard club, association or local pool hall with BilliardManager Club. Learn more about the customized features below.

Digital management of club operations

BilliardManager Club allows you to define all players and settings for a game yourself, create game favorites or schedule a game in advance for a later date: perfect for preparing for an otherwise stressful tournament or league game day. In addition, games and training sessions played can also be transferred to the players' BilliardManager app to ensure complete personal statistics.

All data is synchronized in the background with your BilliardManager Club account so that you can access it from all your devices.

Club internal statistics and rankings

Motivating rankings and comparisons ensure healthy and transparent competition within the club. With filter options by discipline and date range, this can be used to create analyses or seedings lists quickly and easily if required.

Advanced Livescore-Features

BilliardManager Club offers an exclusive overview of all running games with active live scoring. This way, spectators on site as well as at home on the sofa can follow the game action in real time at the club - In combination with the exclusive game format "League Game Day" ideal for league game days or tournaments.

In addition, each live score generates a unique link to a predefined overlay, which can be easily integrated into a live stream (e.g. via OBS) and of course updates automatically.

Full app access & unlimited devices

Use BilliardManager on smartphones or tablets or on your computer's preferred web browser. You can store and use your club account on as many tables and as many devices as you want at the same time.

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